Summary of Services Provided

SCF Arts Brokerage provides a variety of services including the review and assessment of all documents filed, the investigation and attempted verification of the authority of both the Buyer’s Agent and the Owner’s Agent to act on behalf of their respective principals, the identity and legal status of the Buyer and Owner, the Owner’s rights in the sale of the artwork, and the financial capability of the Buyer to perform the purchase of the artwork.

The firm further investigates and attempts to confirm that there are no conflicting claims on the artwork or legal impediments to sale of the artwork (limited to claims and rights that are publicly asserted of record in the country of origin). We assist in the coordination of viewings and the inspection and appraisal of the artwork by experts selected by the Buyer and/or Buyer’s Agent.

SCF Arts Brokerage is prepared to create and negotiate the purchase and sale agreement and to provide a full range of escrow services consistent with the highest standards of the industry’s practices.

The parties agree and understand that the nature and types of activities undertaken by SCF Arts Brokerage, in performing the services pursuant to the Agreement, shall be at the sole discretion and exclusive judgment of the Brokerage.

The execution of all documents would be conducted in English.

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