Introduction and Mission Statement

The primary agenda of SCF Arts Brokerage is to provide a neutral third party position constructed to bridge the interests of both buyer and seller.

Its objectives include mediating direct relationships between buyers and sellers or between their mandated agents. Prosecution of a transaction depends on the authentication of all involved parties, and on the written and mutual agreement, by both parties, confirming the acceptability of the terms and conditions of the firm’s procedures, including the use of the firm’s legal counsel.

SCF Arts Brokerage assumes an independent and neutral position of mediation, brokering and consulting only. Ours is a position of non-advocacy of buyer or seller which adopts an independent middle position. The relationship created with our clients is that of independent contractor. The broker is not an employee of either party, and is not subject to the control or direction of either party.

Methodical steps are taken to guarantee the seriousness of both the selling and the buying sides. Our Agreement with clients requires the direct participation of the buyer and owner, or the people duly authorized by the buyer and owner to represent their legal and financial interests. We believe that our firm, in requiring commitment by involved parties of both sides and in imposing discipline and legal oversight on transactions, is beneficial to all concerned.

SCF Arts Brokerage, LLC
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