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SCF Arts Brokerage mediates communications between buyers and sellers, or between the mandatories for the buyer and seller and / or their attorneys, by mutual consent of the buyer and seller. We are committed to serve both the selling and buying side in vetting and assessing the claims and qualifications of the opposite side.

Our legal counsel has extensive experience in copyright law, licensing, sale, and litigation as it relates to works of art. The firm plays an important role in the legal aspects of brokering the purchase and sale of artworks by SCF Arts Brokerage, and will handle all legal arrangements, including escrow and paymaster services, pending transfer of title and payment.

Important to SCF Brokerage’s success is its collaboration with experts in the world of banking and financial services. This partnership is critical in identifying, securing and vetting contra-parties for complex and substantial transactions.

All procedures are strictly rule governed under the terms and conditions as set forth in our Agreement and are subject to legal oversight though the entire process. The firm’s role is to secure appropriate guarantees and points of order, including confidentiality, from the outset. Every effort is made to achieve symmetry between the two sides, including the simultaneous filing of relevant papers with the firm and the firm’s attorneys, by both the buying and selling sides.

If desired, either the buyer’s or seller’s identities can be concealed from the other party in completing the transaction and thereafter through use of escrow agreements or other tools that avoid revealing the name or names of the principals. All matters will be handled in strict confidence unless the client directs otherwise.

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