SCF ARTS BROKERAGE is a private, full service LLC specializing in management of business transactions involving the purchase and sale of works of art

Our firm mediates between buyers and sellers, documents and vets all involved parties and their respective claims, applies strict oversight to all aspects of procedure, and negotiates the agreements, contracts and other legal instruments required by the transaction.

SCF Arts Brokerage assumes an independent and neutral and third party position of mediation and brokering only. Ours is a position of non-advocacy of buyer or seller. The relationship created with clients is that of independent contractor.

We believe that our firm offers uniquely effective solutions for sellers and buyers as well as for their representatives. SCF’s partnership with a prominent New York law firm, and our alliances with banking and financial services sectors, enhance SCF’s capabilities in executing seamless art world transactions.

SCF Arts Brokerage, LLC
26 Hillside Road, New London, CT 06320
tel. (860) 443-1000 - mobile (860) 303-5544 - fax (860) 443-0050